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    “The Reenactment” is a video art piece by artist Caspar Below from 2002. It features four artists who were paid £5 to follow his verbal instructions for half an hour.  The video starts with Caspar Below giving instructions to the four artists and then asking them to follow instructions, which turn out to be re-enactments…


    In 2009 I ran a number of events (“I Told You So”) for participants to deposit bad pieces of advice they had received at some point, and which they’d like to rid themselves of. I offered the a service to receive this piece of advice from them, but also offered the additional service of symbolically…

  • Modern rituals @ Common & Garden, CGP

    View this post on Instagram "Modern rituals: regeneration planning" at Common & Garden at CGP Gallery #Londonart #cgplondon #cgplondongallery A post shared by [cbelow] (@c_below) on Aug 13, 2017 at 1:21pm PDT

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